Cartoon test post

This is Ziggy from yesterday's Rep.
It showed Ziggy resting on a hammock. The caption was: "One good thing about this quarantine . . . going nowhere and doing nothing is suddenly patriotic!"

Am I really here!!

Test of first post.  I think I accepted the invitation properly this time.

The CAMUG May Meeting

The May CAMUG Meeting will focus on:
6 PM: "My Favorite Utility Programs" by all
7 PM: "Round Table Discussion" by all

Members will be emailed the Zoom meeting invitation.

Welcome to the home of the Canton, Alliance, Massillon Users Group.

Welcome to the home of the Canton, Alliance, Massillon Users Group.
Initially established in 1983 as a Commodore computer club, we currently help & support users who have Windows-based (10 and 8.1) computers as well as Linux, Chromebooks.  We also help users with electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets & other devices.  Please note that Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft!

You do not have to be an advanced user to come and join us. We try to answer all questions from beginner to advanced.  Remember even an advanced computer user was a beginner once so we understand how intimidating it sometimes can be to ask a question.  As any teacher will tell you 'There is no such thing as dumb question'. 

Our club is open to anyone with an interest in computers and electronics. A household membership is only $20 per year, and you can attend up to two meetings free without any obligation. 
Monthly meetings are held t…